Защита от ddos атак

Linux admin service

Linux guru for you!

List services:

  1. Base setup c isp manager lite(pro)/VESTACP/Hestia Control panel
  2. Base setup c DirectAdmin/Cpanel
  3. Install MarinaSkin для DirectAdmin
  4. Linux servers advance tuning for best speed
  5. Apply security security patch for linux kernel
  6. Base security setup
  7. Complex protection from security scanners
  8. Complex support crypto currency exchanges
  9. Complex support e-commerce
  10. Run security scan with a report
  11. Root login informer (email/sms)
  12. Protect for php shell
  13. Bruteforce protection (ssh/ftp/email)
  14. Protection nginx/csf for smal DoS atacks
  15. Setup ddos protection via log analyzer
  16. Support and monitoring any legal services
  17. Setup database  Mysql Mariadb clusters
  18. Complex servers monitoring
  19. Base setup Nginx  (rpm, deb)
  20. Base setup Apache2 (rpm, deb)
  21. Base setup Percona (rpm, deb)
  22. Setup Windows 7/8/10/11 Trial
  23. Setup base backup-manager Debian
  24. Setup Yandex clickhouse backup
  25. Move DLE/Wordpress sites to another server
  26. Clean Wordpress sites
  27. Setup servers for KERNEL VIDEO SHARING
  28. Setup and security settings Yandex Clickhouse
  29. Setup Sphinx
  30. Setup YII 2 PHP-FPM
  31. Setup  LXC/LXD
  32. Setup Docker/Docker Compose
  33. Setup and settings Docker swarm clusters
  34. Setup Windows Server 2012-2018 Hetzner  and OVH
  35. Setup cloud backups: Amazon, S3 compatible, FTP/SFTP, Hetzner storage box, Backblaze B2, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft OneDrive and other.

For order write to, Telegram @ddosov

We accept any popular crypto currency and paypal, privat24, monobank !

Настройка администрирование и поддержка Linux серверов